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10 most bizarre habits which our celebrities go with

Let’s have a look over the few bizarre habits of our most popular celebrities.

#1 Eminem has habit of sleeping only in completely dark room.


#2 Catherina Zeta has a habit of brushing her teeth with only strawberry flavored toothpaste.


#3 Bill Gates has habit of reading books before going to bed, without reading he don’t feel sleepy


#4 Steve Jobs had habit of eating so many carrots in his meal


#5 Barack Obama thinks that auspicious time starts only after 2AM.


#6 Cameron Diaz has habit of using elbows of opening doors


#7 Jennifer Aniston has a habit of entering in plane with right foot first.


#8 Katy Perry has a habit of brushing her teeth six times a day


#9 Johnny Depp has a habit of collecting Barbie dolls and other toys


#10 Simon Cowell has a habit of climbing tree everyday


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