10 creepiest horror movie of all time

I guess no any person in the world would hate to watch movies. I personally love to watch them especially comedy and horror ones.

And that’s why I have today come up with a list of 10 best horror movies of all time.

Here are the list of horror movies, which I guess are the best one:

#1 The Exorcist – This 1973 released movie received 8 stars at IMDb and is believed as the best horror movie yet made.

#2 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre – This 1974 fantasy thriller movie received around 7.5 stars over IMDb.

#3 The Shining – Released in 1980

#4 Psycho – Released in 1960

#5 The Haunting – Released in 1963.

#6 Alien – Released in 1979

#7 Halloween – Released in 1978

#8 Rosemary’s Baby – Released in 1968

#9 Suspiria – Released in 1976

#10 The Evil Dead – Released in 1981.


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